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Howdy folks :)

For our first posting I thought I would talk a bit about the design of our tokens for Malifaux.

Token set for Malifaux

Token set for Malifaux

 First… this is what we’re talking about:

 For some tokens, such as corpses or scraps or blasts,  there isn’t much that can be done.  Draw a 30mm circle – done.  Draw a 50mm circle – done.   But then there are the states or conditions.  It is here that a designer can have a little fun.

For example, our state/condition tokens such as focused, poison, paralyzed, etc are not just simple circles.   A cursory glance tells you that these aren’t your basic tokens.  We actually designed these tokens to be used in a variety of ways.  You can just stack them on or next to the model’s cards (aka “Stackers”).  Or, you can use them as a basehugger style of marker (aka “Huggers”).

The Stackers will appreciate that the tokens aren’t huge.  They can be seen from across the table thanks to intuitive icons and colorful, high-contrast design.


Basehugger showing the different arcs.

The Huggers will appreciate all those same things – and the 3 different indents.

Why 3? Well, Malifaux uses 3 different sizes of bases – and each arc on the token matches a specific base size… like this  —–>

We thought this was an elegant and simple way of accommodating both style of players.

What do you think?  Are you a Stacker or a Hugger?

Let us know!



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