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Monsters Sets


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  1. Monster Markers - Adventure Set

    This starter set is ideal for players just beginning of their adventure, and contains the sizes of beast most likely to be encountered as they grow from neophyte adventures into true heroes of the realm!
  2. Monster Markers - Epic Set

    Your players have grown from lowly sellswords into epic heroes and look to test their mettle against the world’s most terrible beasts! With this set your players will topple the titans of their world or be crushed pitilessly!
  3. Monster Markers - Horde of Mediums (60 pieces!)

    Orcs and Men! Elves and Undead! And so much more! The most numerous of enemies, the medium sized monsters, are prepared to take glorious battle to your players! Fully compatible with Dungeons and Dragons (aka D&D, DnD, D and D).
  4. Monster Markers - Swarm of Smalls (60 pieces!)

    The small monsters of the realms have long relied on strength in numbers to compensate for their size. With this set you will overwhelm your players with a swarm of small creatures!


4 Item(s)