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Custom Project Artwork/Design Requirements

We use Corel Draw X8 to supply CAD instructions to our lasers - although we only accept client artwork as PDFs.  The best results will be achieved when all of the artwork is created using vector design software such Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.  While free, Inkscape does not always produce satisfactory results as their internal implementation of SVG is non-standard.


Document - 10” wide by 6.5” tall (or 254mm wide by 165mm tall) and avoid placing art within .125" (3mm) of the outside edges.

DPI - minimu DPI off 300dpi and an upper limit of 600dpi.

Color Mode - RGB (do not use CMYK).

Vectors (cuts through the material ) should be .001” (or hairline) thick lines in CYAN.

Rasters (surface engraving) should be filled 100% black (#000000).  (Halftones can be done as well, however, this is something of a dark art and it may take several attempts to achieve the results you desire.)

Kerf - Expect approximately .02" (.5mm) material loss on cuts. For example, if you want a 30mm round token, the diameter should actually be 30.5mm to compensate for the material loss.

Paint fills - A good combination between material and fill can create bold and striking designs.  The best results can be achieved when fills are less than .25” in diameter.  

Hint: To check your artwork, create a .25” diameter circle and place it inside the engraved area. If the .25” circle fits entirely inside the engraved space, consider redesigning that area.  We can fill larger spaces, but please understand that the filled area may have variations in opacity.

If you would like to use our custom Full-Color process, please contact us for more details.