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Custom Laser Work

We do custom work too! 

Are you looking for a custom set of tokens for yourself?  Are you a game designer and need a set of tokens for playtesting?  Are you a retailer looking for a unique product that no one else can sell?  

We've got you covered!

Whether you just need a few tokens for your favorite game and no one else is making them - or you need thousands to bring your new game on Kickstarter to another level - or you want to sell pieces with a certain logo that makes them extra special, our studio is geared for stunningly high quality products in small or large quantities.  

Why should you use Things Undone for your project?

Simply put, we strive to produce the best products for our clients.

Simple, straight-forward pricing

All prices include materials and your choice of paint fill.
No waiting for quotes, no delays.

Clarity - we run virtually all of our jobs at 600dpi.

This takes longer but gives excellent resolution, sharp engraving and virtually eliminates "jaggies".

We *never* raster/engrave through the masking.

It's easier to engrave through the masking and takes less time, but it can create some undesirable residue as the masking adhesive may not vaporize completely.
Acrylic can be scratched during the manufacturing process. We take the time to unmask every sheet before running the job and inspect both sides of the sheet for large or deep scratches.
Engraving through the masking can make the final clean up of your parts extremely difficult - especially inside letters or intricate designs.

Attention to detail.

After running the job, we clean any remaining particles of vaporized material, and do the paint fill in your specific color.
All jobs are remasked before cutting to reduce the chance of "hazing" along the cut lines and prevent scratches in the shipping process.

We've written some handy guidelines to help you make sure your artwork is "laser ready":

Custom Laser Projects 101

Custom Project Artwork/Design Requirements

Custom Laser Projects - Checklist

*Please note*:  

If your artwork has issues, your order may be delayed as we return your artwork for revisions.  Also, custom projects are generally done in 3 or 4 days, but may take up to a week to produce

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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1 Item(s)