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The universe is pretty big place – but, our measuring widgets bring the world closer together!

How many times have you been teetering over the table, measuring tape in hand hovering 6 inches above the table trying to tell if *this* model is in melee range of *that* model?

measuring widgetsOne of my greatest annoyances with miniatures games has always been the measuring tape. They are big, clunky and imprecise. It’s almost impossible to get them into those tight melee spaces. Even then, you can’t really see what the measurement really is. And, if you are like me, you end up bumping a model or a bit of terrain in the process :)

Well, out of my frustration we have created our measuring widgets! These are perfect for getting into those tight spots to make that final check to see if you are in range or not. Of course, these have 1, 2 and 3 inch sides. But, not content with just an ugly triangle or a simple L-shaped bit of plastic, these have our a bit of our own Things Undone style – colors that pop, and and a comfortable, functional shape and design.

We’ve used these in our own games and they work great! A quick check and we can immediately tell if we are in range or not.

Of course, they look perfectly at home with our tokens sets that are perfectly compatible with Wyrd’s Malifaux rules and models.

Until next time – Game on!



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