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Sometimes our most interesting ideas come from the simplest things.

For example, we use wood for some of the products that we make for our client’s stores.  We keep a supply of awesome solid woods such as cherry, mahogany, and maple on hand as well as various exotic woods for special projects.  One day I was looking at a particularly pretty sheet of cherry and had a thought: “this would be a great floor in my house!”  Malifaux-combined-cherry-wood-base-insert

Then it occurred to me – we could use it as basing for some of my models.  I mean, if I can’t have it on my floor, my mini’s should at least have the luxury :) Cherry has a nice fine grain that scales very well to the size of my Malifaux* models. A bit of testing later and we came up with these:

As a whim, I added them to our webstore thinking there might be a couple of folks out there that might like them as well.  To my surprise, they have been great sellers ever since we started offering them. 

I want to extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to all the folks who have supported us by buying our products and telling their friends and gaming groups about us.  We couldn’t do what we do without you!  Your support makes it possible for us to keep designing products for your (and our) favorite games. 

Until next time, we look forward to making more great stuff!


*Things Undone, LLC is not affiliated with Wyrd Games (the owners of Malifaux) and they do not endorse these products.


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